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Display Voltímetro Amperímetro

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Small size, portable, the magnitudes of voltage and current are displayed in the same screen simultaneously DC Voltmeter and ammeter for cars, electromobiles and motorcycles

Supply voltage: 4.5 ~30V (wide range)
Test voltage: 0 ~ 100V
The minimum resolution below 10V: 0.01V
The minimum resolution above 10V: 0.1V
Display screen: 0.28 inch LED
Operating current:<20mA
Measuring speed:≥ 500mS / times
Accuracy: 1%(± 1 word)
Minimum operating voltage: +3.5 V
Maximum operating voltage: +30 V
Operating Humidity:10~80%
Operating tempratures: -10~+65
Operating pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa
Avoid direct sunlight
Net tweight:16 g
Package weight:25 g
Color of LED light: Red+Blue
Wiring methods:
Black line: public lines, ground
Red line: Header power lines, voltage measurement signal line (voltage between the note, red and black lines can not exceed 30V)
Yellow line: current inputs, then be back-end test equipment, (such as when using a singlevoltmeter do recommend the yellow line and the black lines together, to prevent outside interference caused by digital ammeter flashing)